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AIRWHEEL Q3 in Black
AIRWHEEL Q3 in White
  • Breakthrough twin-wheeled design enables 5 mins fast learning, and more stable riding experience
  • Tough and reliable, transform the way of travel to a portable, green, cool and fun way
  • Multi-functional tool, for daily commute, errands, fitness work out, weekend adventures, filming, etc.
  • Certificated Sony battery, durable and safe

Reasonably priced at £399 with FREE UK Delivery

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Super quality, and a lot of fun.

20 December 2018

Colour: Black – Size 340Wh

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I found this more stable than the single wheel system at my age.

30 March 2019

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AIRWHEEL Q5 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle with LED Lights and Enhanced Silicone Leg Pad.

£469 including FREE Delivery


MoCycl Unicycle

The moCycl Self Balancing Unicycle will revolutionize your journeys through the city and countryside. With childish intuition your thoughts and balance are translated into movement giving you the experience of floating and feeling your way forward. We know you will love the fabulous sensation when starting to – Move Different.

airwheel x3 with Stabilizers

AIRWHEEL X3S Monoroue Electric Unisex Adult Travel Wheel, White/Red

With the removable stabilizers makes the X3S an ideal electric unicycle for beginners.

  • High quality 350 W motor.
  • Operates for up to 15 km – maximum speed of 18 km/h.
  • Samsung lithium battery 130Wh.
  • Triple protection for battery life (thermal, discharge and short circuit protection).
  • The wheel stops in case of falls.

Priced at just £300.68

If you’re looking for something a bit more flashy and up-market, here are a few single wheeled Electric Unicycles

starting around £950 

Personal protective equipment