bicycle safety products

Bicycle safety products (PPE) is an important necessity when it come to any type of work or sport & leisure.

Your own personal safety is and should be paramount to any individual, without it, 

we would all create a serious situation for ourselves.

Below, you will find various items that will help to keep you safe from harm.

Sports protective equipment

Experts in sporting activities like cycling will agree with me that there is a lot of stuff required before you get out for these activities. All the requirements are essential to make the experience enjoyable. Herein are some of the personal protective gears that someone requires when riding an electric unicycle;


This protective gear is not only among the essentials to have as a rider but also a requirement by the law that every rider should have it. You need a helmet that meets the required law standards and go for the one that will fit you best.


These protective gears protect riders from all flying insects and raindrops, but also protect your hands in case you are involved in a crash. Avoid many injuries at your hands be going for these safety gears before you think about going out to ride.

Elbow and knee pads

The knee and elbow pads serve the same purpose. They are there to provide your joints full protection when you are involved in a crash. Some cover our shin and knees, and others are meant to give the hinges and the thigh complete protection.

High Visibility clothing

These clothes are essential to let other riders or drivers to see you from a distance. They help riders reduce cases of accidents that are often reported occurring during night hours.

Pollution face masks

Face masks are essential personal protective gears to all riders. They are worn to protect the face from any environmental pollutant that will make them have it hard to focus at the front while riding. They are actually among the must-have protective equipment to all riders.

Chaps or pants

These are essential gears that riders should invest in. They offer riders protection from dirt and most bugs. Those who plan long-distance trips should invest in tougher pants to completely cover their legs.

Various Helmet that are safe for Biking, Scooters, Skating, Skateboarding, and Unicycles.